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Offical Course Review: SummerGrove Golf Club Review

SummerGrove Golf Club Review

by John Kim

Introduction: After a number of people had raved to about a spectacular new layout down in Newnan, we finally managed to get down there and try the course for ourselves. Located just 35 minutes south of Atlanta, the course is also a member of Audubon International, which highlights its development plan that preserves wildlife habitats and wetlands.

Setting up your round: Summer Grove's reputation is quickly taking hold as one of the best golf values in Atlanta. It's a great course with a superb price and top-notch amenities. Thus, the course does stay pretty busy though next day tee times should be available during the week. Weekend play should be booked a few days in advance. Call the pro shop at (770) 251-1800 to reserve your time. Please note: no metal spikes are allowed on the course.

When you arrive: The pro shop is fully stocked and the grill area is very nice, but if you don't have a lot of time, make sure you hit the range. This course requires better short irons than most others, because the penalty for missing greens can be so severe. Hit the putting green if you have time, but the driver and short irons need to be sharp before teeing off.

Favorite Hole: #11 is a great par 5 that requires you to think, make key decisions, and hit precise shots. This short hole allows you to go for the green in two, if your drive avoids the big tree on the right center of the fairway, and the water to the left. Even a drive in the fairway can hit the water if hit too far on the left side, so you almost have to flirt with the tree a little. The green has three cascading tiers that all slope to the water, and you can't miss this hole left at all, not even a little.

Least Favorite: #9 is awfully tough, even for the low handicapper. Your drive has to be long and straight, and your approach shot with a long iron has to hit a target seemingly the width of a free throw lane. You can't miss short or right on your approach, though easy to do with the long iron or wood you may have in your hand. Left is a trap and behind that is thick rough with a big hill you have to chip over. I'd bet most score better laying up short of the green and taking their chances for par on a short pitch and putt.

Overview: Summer Grove is a top notch golf experience. As a new course, there are some improvements that will come in time, but the layout and value are outstanding. The fairways were a bit beat up, and the weather (wet and windy) didn't help matters, but I had a very enjoyable day at the course. I think you will as well.

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