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Offical Course Review: Brown's Mill Golf Course Review

Brown's Mill Golf Course Review

by John Kim

Introduction: Browns Mill is one of the city's municipal courses, and has been open since 1970. Managed by American Golf Corp., it features a par 72 lay-out with a nice variety of holes. The course has bermuda greens and bermuda fairways, both of which are kept in surprisingly good shape.

Pre-round: During the work week, getting a tee time is hardly ever a problem. It probably doesn't hurt to call ahead, but don't feel like you missed out Thursday morning because you forgot to reserve your spot. Weekends are a bear, with 5 hour rounds the norm. The course and price are that good; and large crowds of course, will follow.

When you arrive: There is a range to hit some balls (unlike the other muni courses), though don't expect top range conditions or balls. It is very useful of course to loosen up. There are two practice greens, both of which are large and needed for those not accustomed to bermuda greens.

Hole you will love: #10. This short par 5 is a classic. Well, not really, but it's fun as ...heck. Hit a decent drive, you can reach in two...with an iron. I've seen driver, 7 iron hit into this green by shorter hitters than you think. But...if you go for it in two, there is trouble right (water), behind (water), to the left (bunker) and far left (more water). Making a five on this hole is disappointing, but this hole also scores 6 or higher often.

Hole you will not: #3. This is a long, long, par 4. I would venture to bet that it is one of the toughest holes in Atlanta. O.B all the way down the left, trees all the way down the right, a huge bunker on the left side of the fairway, oh - and it's uphill all the way to the green. Good luck!

Overview: Of all the city municipal courses, Browns Mill is the best - by far. In fact, there are few public play courses that I would recommend over this great track. The holes have character, subtle challenges with every new round, but overall, are very fair. The course is scenic and well maintained (for a municipal course) and for the money, there may not be a better deal in Atlanta.

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