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Offical Course Review: Candler Park Golf Course Review

Candler Park Golf Course Review

by Richard Hanson

Introduction: Candler Park is one of the oldest public courses in Atlanta. Since it's an inexpensive executive length course near Little 5 Points and Georgia Tech, it draws an eclectic mix of mostly beginners. It's short length belies how difficult it is to shoot a good score. There are 4 simple holes on this course. The rest of them are quite challenging. The course has many trees and short, steep hills, that often punish the golfer who isn't accurate.

Setting up your round: No reservations are accepted. If there's a large crowd, as there often is on warm afternoons, then drop your golf ball into the pipe near the first teebox. That's the waiting list. When you see it, you'll understand. One of the best times to go is first light on Saturday.

When you arrive: Candler is a very low priced municipal course so the amenities are shall we say minimal.

Favorite Hole: Number 8 is a downhill par 4 that just got really easy. A large tree that forced a dogleg was lost in a storm, so now it's very easy to drive the green. It's a great feeling for the many beginners there to be able to hit a decent shot and end up on the green or with a short chip and a chance for birdie.

Least Favorite: Number 3 is a tricky downhill par 3. If you miss the small green left, right, or long then your ball will either be down the hill or lost.

Overview: The course is in the kind of shape you'd expect for the price. The grass on the greens is usually longer than most courses, so they are slow. If there's been no rain then expect the course to be dry. The course does drain well, so you can play just after a rainstorm and your socks will stay dry. The staff is polite and discreet. How many other courses in town let you play on the honor system?

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